Born November 20, 1941 in Tivaouane Painter-Cartonnier-Decorator


Maison des Arts Avenue Roume

1960-1966: Student at the School of Fine Arts of Senegal, Research Section, Plastique Nègre.

* Participated in and produced the emblem of the poster for the 1st World Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar * Created the sets and costumes for:

- L’éxil d'Alboury - Amazoulou

- Macbeth

- Golden head

- Mossane (Film)

- Hyéne (Film)

- Monumental painting of 400m2 AND exhibited at the Palais de Chaillot Legend de la parole

in Paris (France)


Night of Thierno Almamy (Banquet hall) presidency “Homage to Cheikh Oumar Foutiyou Tall” memory

The 03 wives

The day and the night

The kingdoms of childhood

That I be the shepherd of my shepherdess

The assembly

Snake worshipers

The Signares



Grand prize for cardboard and tapestry of the 1st festival

Grand poster prize of the 1st negro arts festival in Dakar (Senegal)

* Officer of the Senegalese Order of Arts and Letters

* Knight of the National Lion Order of the Republic of Senegal 1967: Observer at the Biennale of Young Artists in Paris, France

1968: Cultural program of the Olympic Games in Mexico City, Mexico

1968: Commissioner at the Paris Youth Biennale, France

1969: Senegalese Commissioner at the Biennale (IX) of Sao Paulo, Brazil

1970: Senegalese cultural week in Rabat (Morocco)

1971: Exhibition, collective at the Grand Palais in Paris (France)

1972: Personal exhibition at the French cultural center in Dakar (Senegal)

- Cultural Week in Tunis (Tunisia)

1973: Senegalese Arts at the Museum of Fine Arts in Liérge (Belgium) 1974: Senegalese Art of Today at the Grand Palais in Paris

- Takes part in the exhibition devoted to the work of Léopold Sédar Senghor at the Biblothèque Nationale in Paris.

- Exhibition of a tapestry (France)

- Former chief decorator at the Daniel Sorano Theater in Dakar (Senegal) - Senegalese Commissioner at the IX Biennale of Sao Paulo, Brazil

1975: former deputy chief director at the Manufacture des arts Décoratifs "MSAD" in Thies (Senegal) - Contemporary Senegalese Art in Stockolm (Sweden)

- Contemporary Senegalese Art in Vienna (Austria)

- Contemporary Senegalese Art in Rome (Italy)

- Contemporary Senegalese Art in Bonn (Germany)

- Contemporary Senegalese Art Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Antilles

1976: Stay in Geneva (Switzerland), in Germany and in Holland (visit of the Ateliers Mme Giséle Brivet in

Aubusson, France

1977: Contemporary African Senegalese Art at Haward University in Washington (USA)

- Appointed Member Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts, Cultural Correspondent

1978: Contemporary Senegalese Art Exhibition in Mexico City (Mexico) and Hamilton (Canada)

1980: Contemporary Senegalese Art Exhibition in Atlanta, Roxhory, Boston, Washington DC (USA) 1981: Contemporary Senegalese Art Exhibition in New-Orleans (USA)

1982: Contemporary Senegalese Art Exhibition in Tokyo (Japan)

1983: Participates in the Contemporary Senegalese Art exhibition in Korea

- Realization and design of the Senegal stand at the Casablanca international fair (Morocco)

- Exhibition at the Pan-African festival of Algiers (Algeria) 1984: Study of research on calligraphy

1985: Travel and reflections through Senegal

1985: 1986: 1989:

1990: 1991:

1992: 1993: 1994: 1995: 1996:

Travel and reflections through Senegal

Exhibition of 3 canvases and 9 drawings in Atlanta (USA)

Takes part in the Bicentenary of the French Revolution Exhibition at the National Gallery of Dakar

Sharing with Assane NDOYE the realization of the sets for the film "Mossane" De Saly Faye Takes part in the making of the films "Hyénes" by Djibril Diop Mambéty

- Responsible, Organize and participate on behalf of the French Ministry of La Francophonie,

the creation with 5 Senegalese visual artists "5 Generations" of a monumental painting of 400m2 and exhibited at the Palais de Chaillot "Légende de la parole" in Paris

Exhibition of the 2nd Dakar

Illustration of Léopold Sédar Senghor's disc Page 21, RFI (France) Exhibition “Galerie Weetef”

Exhibition "Galerie Weetef" at the Hôtel Méridien President of Dakar Particiption at:

* Exhibition Meeting Switzerland-Senegal / Mali-Benin-France

* Atelier Néti Guy in Dakar

* Show "Homage to Léopold Sédar Senghor" in Dakar

* Painting exhibition "Homage to Léopold Sédar Senghor" at UNESCO in Paris * Painting exhibition at the National Gallery in Dakar

* Painting exhibition "Senegal Art-Culture" Buenos Aires

* Exhibition at the Waly Gallery in Dakar

* Workshop Design and Crafts Workshop "LADA" at Espace Werma-Weetef under the aegis of Goethe

Dakar Institute

Exhibition and North-South “Switzerland” Gambian meetings

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